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Support for 3ds Max 2020 is added
We just released support for 3ds Max 2020 across all our plugins
Updates can be found on our forum
Support for 3DS Max 2019 and V-Ray Next (4.x) Nightlies

3DS Max 2019 and V-Ray Next (4.x) Nightlies are now supported across all our plug-ins: MultiScatter, MadCar, Citytraffic, SplineLand, VRayPattern. VRayScatter for Maya and VRayPattern for Maya also updated to support latest V-Ray Next (4.x)  Nightlies.
Updates can be found on our forum

Support for V-Ray Next (4.x) is added

MultiScatter for 3ds Max and VRayScatter for Maya now support V-Ray Next (4.x) !  Updates can be found on our forum

New MultiScatter released

MultiScatter 1.05x is released, with new features, performance improvments and bug fixes

more detials and download can be found on our forum 

1. support for V-Ray 3.5
2. Motion blur support for V-Ray.
3. VRayProxy "Flip Axis" option support.
4. Improved rendering speed for > 1M instances and > 16 cores setups.
5. general performance and stability improved.
6. Experimental render-time border spline geometry "clipping" (V-Ray only).

bug fixes:
1. Regular distribution bug fixed (affecting mostly DR rendering).
2. some "Preview types" causing crash

other changes:
1. Version numbering changed from 1.x.x.x to
2. Option for choosing V-Ray version is added during installation.

MultiScatter developments

MultiScatter is currently undergoing some improvements mostly for better integration with V-Ray.
but also several bugs identified and fixed related to Distributed Rendering and crashes

For more details check this forum post

VRayScatter For Maya 4.411

Major release, of VRayScatter For Maya with support for Maya 2016.5, latest V-Ray, significant memory optimisation and much more!
for more details check our forum posts


Major update of MultiScatter is released
with some new features and improvements
for more details check our forum posts

iCars vol2 electric cars library released!

This collection consist of 10 highly detailed 3d models of electric cars year release 2012-2014 rigged and ready to use with MadCar or on their own.
models included:
BMW i3 Coupe, Chevrolet Volt, Honda Fit EV, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Renault Twizy Z.E., Renault Zoe, Tesla Model S, Toyota iQ EV, Toyota RAV4 EV, Volvo C30 BEV

VRayPattern for Maya is released

VRayPattern for Maya is released
Products page
Bundle with VRayScatter is also available here

Major update to SplineLand is coming

New version of SplineLand will be released within a couple of weeks, as a free upgrade to existing customers.
New feature: "Insert" tool, which allows to divide surface into parts with both closed and open splines, assign material IDs to these surface parts or delete them.
Generation of the divided surfaces include optimisation process and retriangulation,
Several bugs are also fixed.
The new version will be sold at full price of 130 Euro, you can still get it at special price until the new version is released!
Video with new SplineLand features