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iTrees vol5 - Pine Trees

iTrees vol5 Pine trees is released
220 Pine trees models of various types and sizes
50 types - each type includes 3 - 5 shapes
High-quality, large textures of trunks.
A relatively small number of polygons with high level of details.
In 3ds max format (2009 and higher)
PDF catalogue (25mb)

MadCard 3 Demo is available!

MadCard 3 Demo is available in download area on products page (login required).
Sample file (DemoScene.max) includes a scene with 3 rigged models (Car, Motobike and a track with a trailer ) and a racing track .
The models include MadCar rig and animation.

To create own simulation you need to choose one of the MadCar helper objects, then click on "Update Surface", chose "Driving Type" (Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard or Target) and click on Drive, after that you can start driving in real time.

For convenience you can choose camera view linked to particular vehicle or link your own camera.

All geometries of included vehicles linked to helpers with standard 3ds Max tools.
It’s possible to change it to your own geometry but won’t be able to change physical parameters of the rig or create a new rig (this is a Demo version limitation).

It’s also possible to adjust surface or create a new one.

It’s possible to change location of the "start position" and create your own. To do that you need to click on "reset animation" in MadCar object parameters.

Please note that Track with a Trailer consist of 2 MadCar objects and for controlling it you need to choose only the Track, and the trailer will just follow it.

In case you have a slow PC real time simulation may look inadequate, you can slowly change "Time delay" parameter to achieve best results.

Support for VRay 2.2

Support for for VRay 2.2 is added to all our VRay related products.
Download from your user area or from our forum

VRayScatter for Maya released!

VRayScatter for Maya - is a new product which brings VRayScatter and MultiScatter functionality into Maya environment.

CityTraffic 2 is released

CityTraffic 2 is released, with new AI engine!

Free update for owners of older versions, just download from our forum and follow the manual

We also reduced the price from 360 to 200 Euro

New features in version 2:

  • New system of building road networks based on splines
  • Automatic construction of standard intersections
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Vehicles
  • More realistic behavior of traffic flow
  • Increased speed of simulation calculation
  • Six wheeled vehicle support
  • Simplified system for cloning vehicles
  • Simplified and expanded use of traffic lights function
  • New objects are "speed limiter" "obstacle," "stop line"
  • Improved parking
  • Improved suspension dynamics of vehicles
iCars - model library released!

This collection consist of 10 highly detailed 3d models of cars year release 2010 rigged and ready to use with MadCar or on their own.
models included:
BMW 5-series Gran-Turismo, Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Ford Fusion hybrid, Jaguar XFR, Lexus HS 250h, Lexus RX 450h, Porsche Panamera S hybrid, Toyota Land-Cruiser Prado, Volkswagen Touareg hybrid

VRayScatter for Maya beta test has started!

VRayScatter for Maya beta test has started!

VRayScatter for Maya - is a new product which brings VRayScatter and MultiScatter functionality into Maya environment.

Please send your request for beta testing to

MadCar becomes even more powerfull

MadCar 3.3.7 is released with new features and bug fixes:

Helper "Power" - can simulate any external forces, for simulating collisions and also applying external engines such as jet engine.

Helper "Collision Sphere" - helps to simulate collisions between ground and any part of your vehicle, by using collision spheres (this is temporary solution, full body collision system is under development), this potentially allows to simulate traffic accidents including cars rolling over.

Motorcycle rigging - now fully supported. Including air suspension and special simulation controls.

Multi trailer system now even more powerful

Documentation for new features is coming soon

Update can be downloaded from our forum

VRayPattern is released

This new plug-in allows to periodically multiply geometry without additional memory consumption.

As a sample you can use any tiled geometry (or those with unobtrusive joints)

VRayPattern allows curving geometry of any surface.

The plug-in works in similar way as displacement map. However, displacement map can only use raster or vector maps of pattern to cover the surface of geometry, VRayPattern can use any of the original geometry for propagation.

VRayPattern - products page

iFences released
We just released a new 3d model collection of fences.
This collection consists of 37 types of fences made from different materials.
Includes: 21 metal fences, 12 wooden fences and 4 made of glass.
Most fences have the main section of the fence, gates for vehicles and gate.
All 3d models of fences were prepared for use with V-Ray and have customized high-quality materials and detailed textures.
System Requirements: 3ds max 2009 and higher, optimised for V-Ray 1.5 and higher

Download catalogue